The Municipal Building

The Municipal building was built in 1898 on the land of the Kavanjin family acquired in trade for a small fisherman’s house which was blocking the view and the entrance to the summer house of Jerolim Kavanjin. In the year of the construction, there where vineyards and agricultural land which was later gradually urbanized. The building was designed evoking historical styles, with an elaborate white stone façade with a profiled balcony and ornate windows and a clock crown with the inscription “OBĆINSKI DOM“ (municipal house). The view of the façade today opens up when one peaks under the beautiful Canary palms surrounding it. First the building housed the local council, today it is home to the Sutivan municipality as well as the movie theatre which has nowadays been partitioned into the post office and the premises of the Sutivan Tourist Board. The Sutivan municipality was established in 1997 and prior to that, the place was administratively under the municipality of Brač and later the municipality of Milna. Becoming an autonomous administrative unit resulted in more efficient governing and bigger investments into the local infrastructure and the cultural life of the place.