The Definis House Complex

One of three noble house complexes in the center of Sutivan, along with the Kavanjin summer house and the Ilić manor, this complex of attached buildings is the biggest one and attests to the wealth of the family and the vast homestead they owned and kept. Apart from being situated in the center of Sutivan which has been protected as cultural heritage. In what once was a Biedermeier interior there was a considerable medical library dating from the 18th and the 19th century as well as five miniature portraits by a Trieste painter Vincent Poiret (1813 – 1868). The southern part of the building, today in somewhat changed shape, with a cobbled terrace on the high ground floor has kept its original appearance with the family coat of arms above the doorway. The middle part with a portion of terrace has been somewhat changed and the northern part in its full width is being thoroughly restored and should evoke the original appearance of the building. Good view of the building opens up from the Sutivan public library situated in the building next door.